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I was in the crm with a lot of other white southerners. No one has covered us as a group. I had friends from Alabama and Mississippi who picketed, marched, sat in, sang, and made friends in Chapel HIll, NC. Where we sat in at a crossroads of the two main drags is now half MLK Blvd. Where Joan Baez organized a march from Chapel Hill to Durham is now MLK Blvd. (She rode alongside in a VW). Another is in Eastern NC, near Fayetteville. In Asheville, NC, a white philosophy prof friend, Jim Pait, from Virginia Beach was a head of CORE. His wife left him and moved with a black woman to Roanoke, Va, where they lived together. It never occurred to me people might have thought that strange. My name was April White. A friend, Cordell Black and I used to lock arms and sing, "Black and white togetherrrr". Wonder where he is. He never graduated from UNC. Last time I saw him we were in France. At a party I met a young man who'd grown up a block or two away, but since we went to segregated schools we'd never met, unless playing together as children. I fell in love with him. He seemed to feel the same. He didn't ask for my phone number, and I didn't want to give it to him unless he asked, since he could be killed. So could I. White women were lynched in the South, but I thought of him, not me. At age 18 I picketed a segregated motel by myself, was cursed, spat at, things thrown. Best day of my life. It felt great to do the right thing! Not much. I always loved black people, Grew up with them. Miss them here in segregated NYC. Got the first African American a desk job in my building here. Everyone wasn't ecstatic. The North thinks racism is southern. Up here it's "racial profiling" not racism. Giuliani killed an unarmed black man every few weeks with his well named "street crimes unit" who did the street crime. A neighbor moved back south during Giuliani. Will there ever be an equal society here???? I hope so with all my heart!