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I think you're addressing similar observation raised at 40. minutes (I commented prior and mistakenly cited 42.). My verge from context that question is the peace movement has become silenced would be re the ban of weapons. Although, my observation of why banning guns need to be thought through is understandable. We have a growing rate of uneducated populace. I don't see raising the question of gun ban as one advocating violence. More that what we need further understanding about is this is not a white or black issues; it's a race issue the is mutually shared by a up-tick trend in young men. I think material condition that empower people to experience their unique human dignity and the different ways their able to express and contribute is increasingly a form of oppression by the very groups skilled in meaningless rhetoric and group think. In contrast, the people who are experientially more skilled in group think--See: Thinking Fast Thinking Slow--are better skilled from embodied cognition in their pragmatic experience of daily life and could teach the leader promoting self-sufficiency. I don't writing this with joy; on the contrary to challenge leadership in their efforts, knowing they work very hard. I would suggest not effectively in the year 2014.