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Thanks for putting the focus on the real story - what happened on the ground of the civil rights movement. I have just written a chronicle of the movement in Chicago to give long over due attention to the grass root leaders who made the difference. To Dick Gregory who got arrested for leading a group of marchers to Mayor Daley's home neighborhood to protest defacto segregation in housing; to Al Raby who gave up his position as a school teacher to lead the Chicago Coalition of Community Organizations; to Tim Black Jr who organized demonstrations that convinced major corporations that the time had come to stop discriminating and to start hiring minorities; to Alex Poinsett who from his post at Ebony became the Thomas Paine of the Movement; and to the Rev Al Pitcher who served as "guy Friday", willing to undertake any chore that needed to be done. These individuals (plus Jesse Jackson who needs no introduction) created a movement that convinced Rev Martin Luther King that when it was time (1965-66) to take SCLC to the North that Chicago was the right city.