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I saw this movie last week and it has now joined my Top 10 of all time movie list. I was so moved that by the time I got home, I had already half written a review in my mind, for Beliefnet.

From the article "I found the film to be profoundly spiritual and reflective of the power of heart to heart connection, even if one of the hearts (think the Tin Man or the character of Data on Star Trek The Next Generation) is mechanized. It raised one of many questions for only bodies contain souls?"

"Samantha rapidly evolves over time until she becomes autonomous and makes decisions independent of her programming. Does she love Theodore any less because of it? Absolutely not. By freeing herself, she also frees him to become the man he would like to be. I questioned who was humanizing who. Who was becoming more real?"

Thank you for your insights into this film that is a heart healer and mind opener.