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Thank you for such a wonderful post, Lily! I love this movie so much. The cast is brilliant as is everything else. This is a valentine for Joaquin and the cast. I've seen him in previous work, but his affecting performance here made the film for me, taking me to the heart of the story and bringing alive every wonderfully smart, loving, real and beautiful female character (Johansson, Adams, Mara, Wilde) Jonze wrote and starred to draw Phoenix and us as viewers to him and by him. Jonze, a valentine I send thee! Like Wes Anderson and Alexander Payne, he finds you at home and brings you back changed, thankful and in total awe of life and love. And may great music be the shiny tinsel sparkling the way forever! Much love to Arcade Fire and Karen O. This film is a classic for its courage to really love and really hold it.