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Several years ago at a friend's wedding reception, my wife and I found ourselves seated with a WWII veteran who happened to be the bride's neighbor. The told the most amazing story.

One of his last assignments was in Japan after the war. He was assigned to a delegation sent to Vladivostok to arrange for the repatriation of American GIs held by the Russians. At first, the negotiations did not go well. At dinner, the Russians sat around talking Russian to each other. The Americans sat around talking English. Then, one American, an enlisted man got up from the table and seated himself at a piano in the room. He began to play some popular Russian folk songs. Soon the Russians in the room were singing along, and the Americans were trying. After a few more songs and a few rounds of Vodka, the Russians handed the internees over to the American delegation. The name of the pianist: Eddy Duchin.