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Regarding the article: It sounds like they are saying that we have a choice between anger and love, in the moment. For me, it never feels like a choice, in the beginning stages of a physiological disruptive sensation. The choice to stay in anger usually shows up a little later. I agree that it usually starts out as fear or shame, then transfers over to anger, as a defense mechanism. Example: After the dogfight, I felt shame because it appeared that nutty and I were bad. Anger quickly followed, along with intolerance and exasperation. To me, a choice indicates that we can control the emergence of these emotions. From what I've learned, emotions are always going to arise, whether we choose that option or not(kinda like trying to stop a tsunami wave). All we can do is notice/witness/observe, and then, when able, initiate the letting go mechanism, start the self-forgiveness practice and then promptly apologize to anyone else that was affected by the outburst.