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Listened to your inspired broadcast - was touched. I am in the midst of Teilhard - and was grateful for the knowledge of the last essay. Something that struck me. And I know you've tried to discuss this. The SUNY professor who identifies himself as atheist. What does that mean? Atheism and religion identify themselves by God or god. Atheism seems to be a sort of religion.? Are atheists denying a god with a long beard on a gold throne? Or simply creation? And if your concern is the evolution of human kind, why deny the possibility of a creator until at least the proof is in the pudding? And then there is disdain for those who would deny evolution? Both positions are extreme and seem to me based on belief. And are relevant to this morning's broadcast in that we humans seem to need fundamentally to be right and that requires us to rush to conclusions based on information that is by all odds only partially revealed. And in that rush, anger comes up. I look forward to reading The Heart of the Matter and next Sunday at 7:00 AM.