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At the beginning of today's program (Feb 16, 2014) Krista was having trouble with using the term 'spiritual art.' My feeling is these are quite redundant terms--you would use either one or the other but not both at the same time. If it doesn't have an abstract, non-material component, some 'meaning,' then it may be a physical object, something 'made' but it's not 'art.' If it is art then it has by definition, some part of use, meaning that is metaphorical, not literal, a stand-in for something that can not be named, can only be 'embodied' or 'referred to.' Something you, "know it when you see it." (For me, I tend to think of those working in the arts as the ones working with the 'spiritual' aspect of our experience, at least more practically, more directly so, than those in what's called 'religion.')