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Thanks for the info line about the review process on comments that I got when I submitted my post for public view. I wrote it to fit in with how your site is developing.. I've enjoyed Krysta's work for many years after discovering her on the WAMU NPR station here in Washington DC. It is good to see your site developing despite the early hour that you've been relegated to. I'm an appreciator of inter-faith and "None of the Above" and have included links to her talks on my home-made site: . I've been in contact with David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of Shrink Rap Radio and I featrure his podcasts on the bottom of my new site in DC: I am very glad to have both his and Krysta's inputs as regular nourishment for my own personal growth. I've just become a DC state resident as a statement to myself and others that I think this country is one worth supporting as it continues to develop is place in human history. I don't expect this note to be suitable for inclusion on your website but I wanted to say that I appreciate Trent's work as well as Krysta's. Best of 2014 and onward for us all. -- Ralph Wilson, N.D., MS Acupuncture, FlexAware teacher