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Many years ago I was a physicist and part of a group, the head of which won the Nobel Prize. After a few years I quit my job and physics because "something" in me was not being nourished in that work and in the way I was able to be in that environment; something was missing. As I listened to Brian Greene I heard that same emptiness that I had to leave in order to find, what I might call a "Greater Life." Greene speaks from a heady place and does not yet realize how limiting this is. He proclaimed the verities of science and was indignant and even hurt that science is not adequately appreciated in our culture; this is a common theme with many science "true believers," but in his conversation with Krista he was not open and reflective in response to her questions and offerings. Marcelo Gleiser was not like that. The status of science and how it is held in our culture is changing and I'm not talking about the latest exciting, seductive theories. There is more to every phenomenon than can be accounted for by our explanations, whether scientific, ideological or theological. This is the most compelling understanding and basis for humility I have found.