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Dr. Greene, as many others like him who operate in submission to the philosophy of naturalism, limit science to an investigation of our reality within the confines of the Big Bang Theory and the Grand Theory of Evolution. These are foundational axioms to which an individual does not have to submit. In fact, hundreds of cosmologists and physicists have signed an open letter rejecting the Big Bang Theory and many have attended 2 recently held conferences on the Crisis in Cosmology which acknowledge significant and multiple contradictions with what we observe and what the Big Bang Theory predicts. They have gone as far as saying that we need to get rid of the Big Bang Theory and start with a clean slate, at the least challenging the consensus cosmology. The BBT has been propped up time and again with ad hoc assumptions and "theories" that are not supported by evidence, as Dr. Greene admitted with String "Theory" when answering an audience member's question. Why are they called "theories" when a Theory in science is something that has so much evidential support that it's practically a law. There are other cosmologies as solutions to Einstein's equations with different starting assumptions that are supported by what we observe and do not need to invoke ad hoc assumptions like Inflation, Dark Matter or Dark Energy--read about the cosmologies of Moshe Carmeli, John Hartnett or Russell Humphreys. Regarding the Grand Theory of Evolution, he assumes that molecules evolved to man and man is still evolving. This requires an earth history of millions and billions of years. This kind of discussion is outside the realm of scientific observation. Conclusions about evidence collected, whether it be fossils, DNA or radiometric dating, are inherently dependent upon the worldview of the observer. For example, DNA, collagen, blood cells, osteocytes, etc. have been found in dinosaur bones. From what we know though objective science, these products do not last in the environment for more than tens of thousands of years. Some scientists see this as supporting evidence that dinosaurs and humans co-existed only thousands of years ago. Other scientists conclude that these products do last for tens and hundreds of millions of years, even though that is contrary to what we observer in the laboratory, because their worldview requires the dinosaurs to have existed 65 million years ago or more. Some German scientists have carbon dated dinosaur bones and found the radiocarbon ages to be in the tens of thousands of years with the radiocarbon concentration highest in the bone and decreasing as one digs away from the bone, arguing against external sources of radio carbon. A purely objective scientist would consider these findings and do further and more extensive research, possibly finding more evidence in support of the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs. However, most scientists operating in submission to the consensus position that radiometric dating of rock layers is irrefutable will reject the radiocarbon ages of dinosaur bones outright, acting not as scientists but as philosophers protecting their strongly held worldview that is not open to scientific scrutiny. If Dr. Greene's beliefs about how his brain works and how we are simply operating according to laws of physics and the consequences of random mutations and natural selection over billions of years of directionless evolution, then why should anything he says be attributed worth by the rest of us who apparently have no free will anyway?