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It is deeply offensive to see the interviewer Krista Tippett throughout the interview in her incessant grasping for her god of the (her) gaps repeatedly misappropriate and distort the legacy of one of history’s greatest men of reason - Albert Einstein.

Einstein did NOT not “necessarily” mean a creator god. He ABSOLUTELY and unequivocally did not mean a creator god. Throughout his lectures, conversations, correspondence and publications he categorically rejected a creator god and viewed ALL religions as “an incarnation of the most primitive superstitions” and the word God as “nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses”

As to the effects of organized religion whose methods he described as “mass indoctrination” Einstein had this to say (just to scratch the surface): “…the unspeakable crimes of the Church for 2,000 years…” and "If I were allowed to give advice to the Churches I would tell them to begin with a conversion among themselves, and to stop playing power politics. Consider what mass misery they have produced in Spain, South America and Russia."