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I'm afraid that Greene's ostensible "integrity" (as you'd have it) matters little in the overall trajectory of his - and scientists' in general - continual disingenuity regarding their own unacknowledged subjectivity, in all matters. Your response is merely an attempt to cover his disingenuity with your own… The question of raising "God's role" tends to be a dishonest trump that has become truly tiresome, as it posits the metaphysical in the most simplistic yet unanswerable terms, and which therefore can neither be successfully defended nor removed from the premises; however, even as such, it hardly remains the elephant in the room. Until scientists have the courage to admit their inadequate efforts (or their convenient lack of interest) in accounting for the many various (so-called) paranormal phenomena at large - which indeed remain pristinely undefiled by their "expertise" - I'm afraid their supposed integrity is quite transparent.