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Those last two sentences sum up my disappointment with this interview and with how Krista tends to conduct interviews with proponents of scientific materialism. I am eager to hear from scientists who are adept at speaking about the philosophical and/or theological implications they draw from their work, but scientists such as Greene seem completely blind to their own underlying philosophical commitments and condescendingly dismissive of those who don't share these commitments (most evident in this interview, I think, in his back-and-forth with a woman theologian who tried to engage him on a series of questions). And Krista, usually a fabulous interviewer who asks evocative questions, doesn't appear to have the ability to name and challenge the underlying assumptions behind Green's responses. And we, the listeners, are expected in the end to discover meaning in a worldview that reduces the human person to a mere purposeless accident in a mathematically precise, rigorously deterministic universe, the totality of which reducible to mere laws of physics? Krista, please wake up and pose challenging questions here!!!