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it seems to me that people who don,t understand math or maybe they just don,t want to take the time to Learn math physics they always revert back to that dreaded 3 Letter word God" something that has never been seen heard or in fact proven at all at all EVER in the History of human beings" but they always go back to it and it makes me very mad ..not because they want to believe in some god" because I really don,t care...the thing is it makes me mad because god and all the religion that go,s with that word makes people forget all about science and instead of going forward in their Learning"- their going backwards to where NOTHING Can be Learned or proven once again ...I really Like Brian because he doesn,t want to hurt anyones Feelings about their beliefs".. but he is an incredible physicist - he believes in the Nature of things and the physics of how it all works whats creating all that we see and all we haven,t seen yet' ./..and this is how my mind works or at least how I want it to work ...I Look at Life Like if I was making a stew or cooking anything which has lots of ingrediants in them and when its all done it taste Delicious! but in nature the only difference to me is that Nature has been working a very Long time and it has been trying or at least mixing ingrediants throughout space until something comes together that is Fantastic in this case I,m of course talking of Life.. this to me is better than forcing my mind to believe that theres an invisible man in the sky watching us at all times making everything happen this not only sounds irrational but it is"! any case even if it turned out that there was such a creator?...I,m sure that it would be aliens far advanced than we are ..instead of some magical one great super man who Runs the Whole Show. ..../Thank you Brian I could Listen to you talk for on and on., Mike,