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Jan 30 2014 Broadcast

Reimagining the Cosmos with Brian Greene

This was the first on being episode that I have listened to. It was right on the front page with a cool picture of a starry background. I was quite surprised that the topic was about the best topic I would want to listen to. A famous theoretical physicist that also talks very philosophical, my favorite.

He talks about many interesting topics, one of them was time. How it is relative to the person observing it. We all run along our own path of time. What he talks about is more that the speed of time changes based on the motion, gravity and other forces that are acting on it.

So if a twin leaves his sibling and travels in space at very very fast speed and then returns to Earth. His watch would be far behind the twin, by an order of many years. This is something that has been experimentally shown. By taking radioactive particles with a known half life and putting them in a particle accelerator. After accelerating them very fast, the particles took longer to decay. A human is a little different than a radioactive particle though, so I don't know if I'd quite reach that conclusion yet.

I like thinking of time as relative because we all precieve it to take so long. If your enjoying an activity, it seems to go by much more quickly. During a dream it seems like we accomplish so much, when in reality it was only 10-15 minutes.

So the time that we keep is really just a measure of either how for the earth has moved around the sun if your talking years, or a measure of how much the earth has rotated if your talking seconds or hours.

Wow this really got away from the total concepts of the show, because there is so much science that he explains quite simply. If you have any interest in what theoretical scince means or entails, this is a great broadcast.

Thanks for reading,

Shane Feld - NHCC