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This episode was really hard to follow. Brian Greene discussed many scientific findings that I was unfamiliar with, such as String theory and the Higgs field. Even after he explained some of these ideas further, I'm still don't feel like I get it. It was as if I was watching an episode of my favorite show, but in another language. So rather then get into details about these scientific ideas, I'll just share some things that grabbed my attention.

I like how he views science as one of the greatest adventure stories. You can really get a sense of how much he enjoys his line of work. He even goes as far as comparing what he does to that which a artist does. He claims his work helps us find our place in this world and reveals knowledge of our deepest questions.
A couple things that blew my mind was when he explains that complex ideas can be reduced to simple mathematical equations, and that every outcome allowed by the quantum laws of physics is played out in parallel universes. To me much of this seemed more science fiction, but It also intrigued me to learn more. After listening to this I spend a good hour or so doing my own online research to understand his ideas better.
Lastly, I wanted to get some opinions about where religion can play into these ideas. While I was listening to this, I couldn't help to notice that there was really no room for religious ideas in Brian's scientific studies of the cosmos. Where do you place "god" or religious views in this???