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I am not LGB or T, but I have been single all my life and I could not deny companionship and love to anyone by reason of tradition simply because I know what it is to be without.

When I look at the story of creation and "the fall," I see the awakening of consciousness, the awareness of the other and pondering it. Perhaps we have a new similar awareness today which is an awakening of other ways to love and be in the world of community. There is also in those old stories the awareness that our actions have consequences...that what we do affects others. I think that is the awakening of the ability to act beyond instinct and to act with love toward one another. That consciousness needs to extend to everyone, not just a partner. Because I am single and because I watch these things, I think that being more intimately connected allows one to learn love in a much deeper way. To deny anyone that experience is to deny the development of learning deeper levels of being loving. JMHO.