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Ed, Ah, discernment. One of my favorite topics! I believe that God is constantly inviting us into spiritual discernment and that God communicates with us in a myriad of ways. Some of my favorites are song lyrics, dreams, and giant billboards on the side of the road I'm driving down. Perhaps God has discovered the On Being site? God is funny like that. ;-) If you are questioning whether or not you can be a "real" chaplain, let me be your inspiration. ;-) Truly. There is no spiritual or theological box I seem to be able to fit in, and yet I could not be happier ministering to a Southern Baptist, or a Quaker, Jew, Mormon or Muslim. We are all seeking God's guidance and understanding in our lives. A chaplain accompanies others on their spiritual journey, whatever that looks like for patients, families and staff. Ideally, our theology and beliefs do not get in the way. I hope you do apply to CPE! And keep me posted: