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Emma, what you are doing is wonderful. You have been given an extraordinary gift from God. One question I have to ask is, After this life is over, where do our souls reside for all eternity? You mentioned that you are a follower of Jesus. He is very clear on the topic of eternity, so if we are true followers, we must believe what He says. Also, I have to wonder exactly why you would choose to attack Paul by saying that he had an obsessive-compulsive disorder. What does that comment have to do with your wonderful work? My prayer is that God will open your eyes to the complete picture. That one day you will be talking to the dying about their Savior. You have been given a great responsibility. You are a child of God. However,your comments about Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, and the Bible, well, it's pretty clear where you stand on that topic. We are all free to believe what we want. God has given us that choice. But you are dealing with people at the most critical time of their lives...their step into eternity.

Your comments: "Personally, I don’t believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I am not baptized and don’t believe I need to be saved in order to be closer to God". "I don’t know if heaven or hell exists, but I’m open to that possibility."The Bible is a helpful reference guide for me, but certainly not the word of God. My job as chaplain is not to judge someone else’s theology, but rather to help them to understand it more fully.