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Emma, i don't mean to be negative, as you are obviously involved in some wonderful work, but, I think you're details views of your own beliefs I think were ill judged in this particular article. These amounted to a personal creed (which you are entitled to obviously) and i think quakers need to be alive to the danger of a kind of inverted intolerance. They are also self contradictory - you say that you would never convert your patients to christianity and then go on to explain that you would not call yourself a christian. firstly, I would hope that not chaplain would use such an opportunity to convert a person to their own view (christian or otherwise) and secondly, who in the right mind would convert someone to something they didnt believe in (ie you said you werent a christian) i get the point that you call yourself a follower of jesus; i just think this thinking seems a bit muddled; sorry. As for the apostle paul; again you're entitled to your view obviously but i think it unwise in an article that is supposed to be focused on the patients and their beliefs to give a detailed view of of your own beliefs. Whether paul was mentally ill or not; i believe he was loved by God and at least he brought us that wonderful phrase 'God is Love'. don't mean to be negative; i wih you blessings in your journey and in your work Emma