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Emma, thank you so much for your rich reflection on being a chaplain. I am also a chaplain and for the last 7 years have worked on a Pediatric ICU and PEDS Oncology unit. Like you, I function well in trauma type situations -- you and I share many of the same personal ones -- as well as the ones I experience with my patients and their families. I believe it is a privilege to walk with others and help them hold their fear, pain, incredible joy as well as debilitating suffering, and the many wonders of the Holy One's actions in our lives. I think all ordained ministers should be required to do CPE and I like the idea of all citizens doing at least a unit as well. I had a whole other great career and came to chaplaincy quite by "coincidence" (as if there are such things in God's world". I'm so grateful for the many accents, languages and seemingly unbearable situations in which I see, touch and hear the Power Greater than Ourselves. Blessed, blessed are we by this work. Continuing blessings and Peace. Chris