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It takes a deep faith in Jesus to speak the truth about Jesus, and only one with the deepest of faith will dare to speak the truth that Jesus spoke. One who did was Dorothy Day, who knew herself to be “a mean impatient soul” although others called her holy.

In her early twenties, Dorothy hung with playwrights, socialists, communists, anarchists, bohemians, chain-smoked, drank and wrote an autobiographical novel based on her passionate love affair that broke up the day she had an abortion and rebound into a marriage to a man sixteen years her senior that broke up when she realized she was using him.

Not long afterwards, as an unwed mother she shocked her progressive friends when she announced she was entering the Roman Catholic Church and from the inside, she also began to critique it and agitated church as much as state in The Catholic Worker newspaper she founded in 1933.

In her penny a copy paper, Day publicly proclaimed her faith and commitment to the poor, to seek social justice and struggle for a green revolution and new society “where it is easier to be good.”

Day understood that only the works of mercy could lead to justice and peace and she readily challenged the works of war.

The works of mercy include feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the needy, visiting prisoners, sheltering the homeless and caring for the ill.

Day is famous for noting that “all our problems stem from our acceptance of this dirty rotten system” and it disturbed her deeply that more was done to provide a degree of relief for victims of social evils then was ever done to rid society of those evils.

Dorothy is also famous for proclaiming, “Don’t call me a saint, I won’t be dismissed so easily” meaning she believed we are all called to be saints and all a saint is, is anyone who attempts to follow Jesus and live according to the Sermon on the Mount.

Dorothy Day understood that God is Love and "Love is not the starving of whole populations. Love is not the bombardment of open cities. Love is not killing. Our manifesto is the Sermon on the Mount, which means that we will try to be peacemakers."

Inspired by Dorothy Day, I founded the Internet newspaper in response to my first of 8 trips to both sides of The Wall in Israel Palestine as I TRY to be a peacemaker!