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I am a closet christian agnostic who attends Pentecostal church services religiously. :) heck, I even sing in the choir and participated in an impromptu full dunk baptism. Why? Because doctrines and details aside, these people worship God BIG TIME. Out loud, on knees, in tongues, you name it. It's up close and personal direct dialing to God. I don't have to believe in the resurrection or holy trinity to understand that these beliefs are in and of themselves Holy. To claim and know God by faith is holy and true. How do I know? Because it feels good and it feels human to worship God on a good day. It is right to give thanks and praise. We sing one hymn the refrain is as follows: " Be still and Know that I am God." Try it. You'll like. And you'll like yourself doing it. And you'll like everything outside of yourself just as much. Love.