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A few years back while I was at Yom Kippur services, I watched as a mother dragged her 10 or 11 year old son by the hand up to the front of the synagogue where the rabbi stood and said, "See Billy, this is where we pray to God." I remember my heart sinking at that incredibly limiting thought. Even though I was sitting in the synagogue at this moment, I have always considered my temple to be the outdoors. I could talk to God anytime, and anywhere. And God talked back. Whenever I saw a beautiful sunset, I thanked God. Whenever a magnificent creature revealed themselves to me on one of my hikes, I thanked God. Whenever a day revealed its warm sunshine and cloudless blue skies, I thanked God. Whenever I reached the summit of a mountain, and peered down upon the earth with new perspective, I thanked God.

My prayer is indeed impromptu and boundless. It has always been more about when I find my heart filled with love or gratitude than about any particular ritual or place.