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The four year anniversary of my son's suicide just passed on March 7. Although the weight is not as heavy today, the hole in my heart will be exposed forever. My son's story was the perfect storm of addiction to painkillers, depression, and trying to manage Avascular Necrosis of his hips. My son drove his car into a massive utility pole on a country road in Indiana, died on impact, and perished in the resulting fire. The ripple effect of our tragedy caused heartache and at times seemingly unbearable grief as we have all been left to navigate our individual and collective journey(s). I have a Master's in Human Relations in Counseling, however the book knowledge and objective advice and counsel readily available in my skills sets seem to have abandoned me in the beginning. My personal grief therapy inspired me to create to honor my son, and connect with others who have lost someone (or celebrate a loved one). My son's story is on my website. Thank you for your program and sensitivity to this illness.