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The four year anniversary of my son's suicide was March 7th. I am always relieved when this day on the calendar passes. Although the weight is not as heavy as it was in the beginning, the hole in my heart will be exposed forever. My son's illness was the perfect storm of depression, addiction to prescribed painkillers and the attempt to manage Avascular Necrosis of both hips, (trauma caused by injury as an ice hockey goalie). My son, age 25, drove his car into a massive utility pole on a country road in Indiana. He died on impact and perished in the fire. Our tragedy and the ripple effect felt by family and friends has left us all to navigate this see of sadness both collectively and individually. I have a Master's in Human Relations; however textbook knowledge and the readily available counsel and skills sets I offer others seemed to vanish when I needed to come to accept and understand my son's struggle. As a mother, I could not save him. My personal grief was the inspiration to create to honor my son, and to connect and celebrate with other families.
Thank you for your program, the raised awareness to this illness and the sensitivity to survivors.