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I am speechless, and have been meditating on this all week. I spoke of, and am so very captivated by synchronicity. My friend, I find it incredible that my then husband's name was Steve. What a kind offering from the universe- to give to me an opportunity to help another, in however a small way, and then to receive confirmation somehow that I have done more good than bad. I have carried a ton of weight in guilt, and shame, and in the end, in a moment of synchronous grace, it is lifted. Believe in bigger things, Steve. You are on a new path, and it will take you to beautiful places you could never imagine, but the ride is unbelievable. I am so so sorry for your loss. Just hold on, hold on just tight enough to stay safe, and otherwise, let go. Let go and stay open. I wish you all the best. And I thank you.