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Kim S: I am so sorry that you have had to face the aftershocks of five suicides. There is actually some sources of support and books out there that are very helpful. First, online there is the alliance for hope website and forum for survivors. Second, there are some great books, such as The Suicide Index, No Time to Say Goodbye by Carla Fine, Didion's Year of Magical Thinking (not suicide but profound grief), Darkness Falls Fast by Kaye Redfield Jamison. In Chicago, I will be forever grateful to the LOSS Program (Loving Outreach to Survivors
of Suicide) began by a Catholic Priest, Father Rubey, and offering non-denominational support to loved ones, families, children, friends in various locations in the Chicago area and with groups for spouses, children, siblings, guilt, all free. It has archived newsletters with some helpful articles at . And there is a new blog by three young women who met at the LOSS program called Our Side of Suicide that has some painful but honest posts sharing the journey through the grief. Surviving is raw, shattering, but doable.