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For years when I lived in Chattanooga my thin place was roaming the hills, steep ravines and water courses of the Tennessee River Gorge, where the Tn. river cuts through the Southern Cumberland escarpment. I can see in your face that you have spent great time in solitude, as you articulate, in critical self-thinking, contemplating suffering, joy and mystery. The pains of the struggle of constant unity verses constant separation we find away from those thin places is etched in your face. It is the pain that leaves us in a thin place where wisdom resides. And the beauty of this place is that the pain we go through, as we walk through it consciously, we forever take this wisdom with us. The wisdom of experience is etched on our hearts and can be seen in our faces. Yours is a face of strength, stunning beauty, compassion, and yes, great wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us here. All the best. I am better for it.