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Steffanie --- a deep thanks for sharing your reflections about this work. My heart goes out to you in this challenging time of loss. Not long after my mom passed, a dear friend gave me John O'Dononue's book - "Beauty: the Invisible Embrace", and I listened to Krista Tippett's interview with him. I found his words such a balm and a great gift. After reading your note, I re-read some passages that connected with some of the lake/mountain images: "Distance loves blue. more often than not, distance will choose to express its faraway-ness in blue. Somehow it feels appropriate that distance and loss have the same color and the color of such sorrow is blue…Blue seems to be the color of the infinite - an endless expanse where darkness and brightness dwell..." (pg. 106-7) For me, his words give added depth when I look upon the mountains and perhaps give insight into some way this thin place is present with me in sorrow and mystery, as well as joy.