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The Au Sable is a special place. Back in '74 I spent the summer with my grandfather at the family cottage. We were 1 1/2 miles from the river. Daily I walked down into the meadow and through the tag alders into the edge of forest, locate a certain tree, and sat down. A few minutes later I'd hear two chirps behind me and two downy young Red-wing hawks popped-up in front of me. 20 minutes later two chirps behind me and the young ducked back into their nest. I took that as the time to walk away. One day as I was walking into the forest an adult hawk hovered in front of my face, perhaps 10 inches away from my eyes, I eased my walking stick from my side to between the talons and my nose keeping my gaze down and stood still. Less than 5 ft way 3 hawks, the other adult and the two adolescent young took off from the limbs of a tag alder, the defending hawk joined the others. Shortly after that incident all four hawks were on the wires within the cottage landscape visiting us.

Your photographs beautiful and lovely. Very much appreciated.