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We just loved these images. Often, when we are hiking, I find myself wondering about the Divine in these "Thin Places" and I imagine that these are snippets of Paradise that God is promising all of us. Two of my most favorite "Thin Places" have been Bharrat Scouts in New Delhi, India; and Land's End in San Francisco. Bharrat Scouts, adjacent to Humayoun's Tomb, speaks to all the Lovers of the Divine. You can feel the crispness waking the inner soul and hear the words through the singing birds, no matter what time of year. At Land's End trail, one sees the Bridge (Gold Gate) and knows that we have to build good and do good to get across to Paradise. At the top, you see and hear the variations of the struggles of this life. You can see the Divine surrounding you, hear the crashing of your soul upon the waves of the shore and see the creations that you have mastered to come and see your Beloved. These are my "Thin Space". Thank you for putting together this beautiful photo essay. You allowed my inner soul to be awaken.