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Thank you so much, Sarah, for sharing your beautiful photos and thoughts and, by doing so, generating all the comments that followed and your thoughtful responses - so interesting to read all.
My personal thin place - love the term - would have to be, of all spots, the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
I was able to follow a well worn path on a promonotory, sit down at the end of the path, with my feet dangling into the canyon that was all around me and just "be." I remember the amazing feeling of looking into the earth and absorbing the sensation of milions of years looking back. It was just wonderful and I sat there for about half an hour. During that time a solitary crow spent his/her time soaring in the updrafts and I was alone watching. When I got up and walked back toward the main road a bus full of tourists was just pulling into the parking area. I am so thankful for my special time with the Canyon and have cherished it since.