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So amazed at the power of writing without reservation or hesitation. Thanks Parker Palmer for expressing with clarity this message and its importance. Writing often feels to me as if it has an energy and speed all its own. We are off to the races. Letting the words trip across the page, taking us to a new land or place, destination typically unknown: careening around corners; jumping out of airplanes; yodeling from mountaintops; riding uphill on a San Francisco cable car. The world is our oyster, anyplace is possible. Whatever our mind can envision or unfold, releasing what may be stored deep within, just waiting for a moment such as this to show itself. Letting us go along for the ride. Delving into fantasy to delight or reveal. To expand the land of possibilities which we live within. Helping us to understand more about ourselves or those in our midst. The fantastical as possibly a place of escape or explanation. Knowing whatever way we group the words, we are creating an imagery unique within itself. Not having combined in such a way before. The pleasure of this creative adventure.