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Hannah, I found the emotional experience of the ice cap to be complex, even contradictory. Something akin to what blue water sailors experience, I imagine, though there is the everpresent sense of Antarctic strangeness, of being in a kind of inhuman, frozen limbo. On one hand, your awareness of the vastness of the space around you can dissipate whatever emotion you're experiencing. Anger, pain, etc., can be exhaled and given to the silence. Joy quiets down to a smile. On the other hand, the isolation tends to drive us inward (because there's so little "out there" to pull us outward) and in that state of being emotions easily intensify. As elsewhere, awareness of the big picture is the key. Prolonged experience of that extreme open space is a challenge in part because of the push/pull of emotional intensity; we (or I, anyway) are dealing with a total lack of middle ground between Self and Other.