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I had pondered this fact last night, when I once again sat down to be splashed with the never-ending sludge of speculation that has been on CNN, the Central N0-news Network, about the mystery of the Malaysian plane. There was an earthquake in Chile, and the coastline of Colombia, my homeland, was threatened, so I hoped to hear a responsible, fact-based account of the occurrence. Not to be found in the monologue persistently unfolding in this obssessively hollow news source. It is pretty nefarious to observe that whomever had a hand in the tragedy of flight 370 has managed to keep the "International" viewfinder of the news world in a permanent fixation mode, where despite billions of stories unfolding around the world, a chapter on unexplainable loss has resulted in a catatonic state of non-information. I imagine the responsible party is enjoying the chain of disinformation and absurdity that has ensued immensely. Sadly, the consequence is ignorance and a virtual vaccum of worthy reports on the daily happenings of 98% of humanity, but I delight in JOseph Campbell's invitation, to tune within and to find all the stories contained within our individual cosmos; a mirror, after all, of the universe without.