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Your last show was very moving because both of you have come to recognize a dear friend who was right under your noses all along. You connected on the level of the meaning of your lives.
And while listening, this came to me to say to you.
We, human beings, can only do one of two things. We can think and we can listen. Thinking is manipulating what is in the memory. Listening is connecting with life itself. It is the mention of the interview with Mother Theresa, which brought this thought to me. It is possible to speak from listening and this is like sharing the listening. This is what you and David do.
And I realize that what I do in my work is teaching people to listen to themselves, because in themselves they have everything else that there is. If it is anywhere, it is in them. It starts with the external, shallow layer of thoughts and automatic thoughts in the subconscious. But if you do not stop there and go deeper, you can find everyone else, you can find who you really are, and you can go all the way to the infinity of love. It is all in every single one of us. And it s all yours for the listening.