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What a beautiful interview with Dave Isay. My son is completing his PhD this spring but told us several months ago he wouldn't be attending graduation because it conflicted with a friend's wedding that was taking place in Italy. It was a difficult moment for his father and I but we knew that he was making the right decision. We then decided that we'd celebrate by attending his oral dissertation (which actually took place last Monday!) but I had a conflict and wasn't able to go. His father and a dear friend traveled to witness and participate in the celebrations that day and I was grateful to be able to view in via my phone. I left it to my son to find a way he and I could commemorate this passage and I was deeply touched when he called a few weeks ago to tell me what he had arranged -- we're meeting in Chicago for him to interview me at the StoryCorps booth in May! After he completed his undergraduate degree, I founded A Place To Turn To a non-profit that supports families throughout the parenting process - because kids don't come with instructions! We provide opportunities for parents to question, learn, explore and integrate what's most important to them into every day life. My son wants to interview me about parenting, our role in getting him to this place in his life, and why I've chosen to devote my time and resources to helping other parents along the way. Of course, I was deeply touched and I have been looking forward to our time together -- so when I heard today's interview -- the tears already began to flow! I will assume there are tissues available in the sound booth -- but will be bringing my own, just in case! Thank you, Dave Isay for your work that has and continues to touch so many lives in such profound ways.