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Hi Krista, I had to work on Easter Sunday (officiating at a wedding!) and couldn't go to AM worship. I also had only one brief Easter podcast on my ipod to cover my 3 hours in the car. I listen to NPR all the time, but FM, so I didn't think of your show, but I stumbled upon it. Your interview with Dave Isay easily made up for missing church that day. I loved both of your honesty and your insights on listening. I loved (and grabbed) the Bonhoeffer quote, make a note of what Mother Theresa said about listening, and made a plan to check out any books that you or Dave might have authored. I don't say this lightly: You truly ministered to my soul, and made for a very special start to my Easter day. (I kept expecting you to mention Henri Nouwen - on listening - but I'm sure it was just for lack to time. The show reminded me of him on the topic of loving listening and the need that the average person needs to be really heard, and loved that way. Listening, solitude, silence - it could be so many shows. (Which reminds me, I'm going looking for your podcast right now!) Thanks so much. Bill