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Hi Rosalie, As a Catholic I could related to your feelings about the Osho meditation. As I've been on my Catholic journey, I've discovered a tremendous openness to my faith that is not often acknowledged. My journey into Zen, and discovering that Jesuits priests were trained masters, opened me further into the question, "Who is God?" "Who is Jesus?" What does it mean to "be still and know that I am God?" I interpret that line from scripture to mean that I should be hesitant in imposing my limited human ideas about the universe and God. That I should be empty and open to the moment by moment revelation of God who knows no boundaries or limits. I think that to fall back into a comfort zone of what is familiar in one's faith journey is falling into a darkness born of delusions. It is a closing off of all that is possible in approaching the Divine. I look forward to your further reflections. Peace