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This is a very interesting choice for getting to "taste religious experience." Did you study this religion before going or just "dive in" with no context? I am an alum of a large union of religious schools (seminaries, theological schools, etc) and this is the first I've learned of Osho meditation. I don't know anything about this meditation beyond what is presented in the above post, yet even with my limited knowledge I would argue there are many other means to gaining exposure to religious experience. Of course, religious experience is different for each person and for some Osho meditation is it. Yet I might suggest to your professor a more traditional form of meditation, worship, prayer, liturgy, retreat, etc. as a means to authentic engagement with religious experience from the " journalist's perspective." Osho seems like an extreme way to gain exposure...and it's also likely not what the typical religious person might define as religious experience. But then if your professor was going for the "outside the norm" experience - s/he nailed it. Osho looks like a bungee jump into religious experience rather than a curious wandering explorative search, and my style is much more the latter.