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I am lucky enough to have a full kitchen in our office, so one of the things I do is cook while I am working. I have also acquired three crock pots and will slow cook my dinner in one of those. I come in in the morning, put it all together, and then, however so many hours later, it's make. Of course I can smell it during the day, and I get up every once in a while to stir it, poke at it, whatever, even if I'm not supposed to.

I have created a private folder in my e-mail program called "AAA To Be Read at Some Point" (the AAA keeps it at the top of the list). If, after a week, I haven't read an e-mail, I swoop it into that folder, and maybe, some time, I will read it. I find it very useful when someone asks, "didn't you read my e-mail?" I can usually find it in case it was important.