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I am a mother of two children in their mid to late 20's and I am glad they were grown before this age of smartphones. The availability of information is very seductive and it is easy to fill time by checking email or status updates or Twitter feeds. I have a teaching endorsement in educational technology and love the innovation of it all but am aware of the downfalls as well.

When my children were younger and at home, I did limit the use of technology to create our own sacred spaces. For me, dinner together each night was one of those spaces and another was driving in the car. I loved driving in the car with the kids because they were captive audiences - it was a time we could talk without sitting face to face and they could say things to me about so many topics. I outlawed the then-popular Walkman's in the car unless we were driving a long distance. I wanted the earphones out so we could hear each other. I don't regret it. The kids now mention how much they liked eating together every night.

I, too, feel sadness when I see parents overfocusing on smartphones at restaurants or waiting in line somewhere and children pulling on their pantlegs, asking for attention. It is important that we support the voices of children trying to engage their parents and remind each other what is important in life.