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as i listened to sherry's unedited comments i am reminded of the "fomo" factor, the "fear of missing out," and how social media fills that gap for some.

jenna wortham's fomo experience is worth knowing about, though it made my skin sizzle. this afternoon i stopped to concentrate on what jenna was "owning." her described use of social media is for me totally disorienting; yet, to close my ears to what is attractive to others is to remain ignorant of their rewarding experiences, so i forced myself to listen to the segment's conclusion; then, when i went back to obtain the show description so i could describe it for you, i was further surprised that the moderator introduced the segment as "the dark side of social networking; i doubt that jenna would characterize her preferences as a "dark side" for her!
you can find the podcast on itunes, new york times weekend business, apr 8, edition, and fast forward to 13 mins 20 secs; the segment last about 6 mins; if you click on the link below it will take you to the same podcast, but depending upon your download program may not show up with minute/seconds visible on your slide bar. if that's the case, move the bar over about 1 1/2 inches; if you're listening to mortgage talk you're not there yet; if you hearing about "fomo" then you're in the segment and you can slide back to where it begins.