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Busy, busy, busy—that is the underlying beat I hear from people now-a-days. Technology has kept us so busy that we live our lives without truly living. We go through the motions and, yet, we get nothing out of them at the end. Technology has gotten us very far, but, at the same time, has dwindled our quality time with one another. In high school, I remember a time when owning a cell phone was the greatest thing ever. Today, I see little kids in elementary school talking, walking, and texting. Everywhere I look, I see iPods, smart phones, laptops, and all these other new technological devices. On top of all this, there is Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and MySpace. There are all these various online profiles that people spend a majority of their day updating statuses, changing profiles, requesting random friends, and chatting. One thing that I’ve notice about online profiles like Facebook is that it is so easy for people to say what is on their minds and their inhibitions are totally lost. Nobody cares if they’re offending someone else by their words and they don’t censor what they say about people.

All this screams to me is loneliness. Like Ms. Sherry Turkle mentioned in the broadcast, “If you don’t teach your children to be alone, they’ll always know how to be lonely.” If you are constantly reaching for your phone, checking your emails, updating your statuses, or plugging those headphones to your ears, it’s time to start living and breathing real human life. To me, people are afraid of solitude. We live in this world where we have to be at a running pace to keep up. When we do have these down times, we have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Afraid of being alone, we reach for comfort. The comfort of knowing that we are not alone in the internet world, comfort of those headphones, comfort of someone emailing you, and the comfort of realizing that technology is all we need. We have grown accustomed to being lonely and we don’t know how to be alone in our own solitude anymore. Technology is here for our entertainment and pleasure; let us not make it a lifestyle.

I really enjoyed listening to this broadcast. Ms. Sherry Turkle mentioned many things that hit so close to home with Technology and family.