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I found this interview very interesting. It helped me see how I have let technology become too important in my life. I have become so dependant on it, it’s kind of scary. Professor Turkle indicates that our cells phones have become phantom limbs, and that we think they are ringing or buzzing even when they are not. This is something I can attest to, I actually feel my phone vibrating even when it is not. I find myself constantly looking at it, or looking to see if the little light is flashing.

With how dependant we are on technology today, I wonder if those who attended the meeting in 1978 Professor Turkle talked about, sit back and laugh. She mentioned the meeting was to come of with ways for the general public to use computers, little did they know there is very little in 2011 we do not use some form of technology for. A key statement made in the interview, and one that I plan to look closer @ myself is if we don’t teach our children to be alone, they will only always know how to be lonely. I can see this in my 10 yrs old son, he gets bored and lonely so quickly, but in reality he does not spend that much time alone. Since hearing this interview, I have had him set aside some time everyday and just do nothing but hang out with himself. It was tough for him at first, but it has been a few weeks now, and he actually has started to find things to do on his own without me telling him too.

I also like the statement she made about a child has to live in their generation. We can not force them into things because of the way we were raised. She talks about car rides, and speaking from experience, when I ride in the car with my kids, not much talking is going on. Everyone usually has there device going, and communicating with people not in the car with us. (The only one not on a device is the driver) While I have not set any formal sacred places for no technology allowed yet, it is something my wife and I are discussing. Because of kids I also feel I need to have my cell phone so I can be accessible, but I wonder if that is an excuse for having the phone with me at all times. A couple of days after listening to this conversation, on my way to work I realized I forgot my phone. So did I go on and show I could make it through the day without it? No, I turned around and cost myself about ½ hour to go back and get me phone. I need to cut the cord to it, but will have to do it in baby steps.