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I really enjoyed this broadcast. What I found most interesting is where Sherry Turkle points out that parents are more distracted by technology than children. The example she used was the child 'bargaining' with the mom to keep dinner short so that the father would stay off his Blackberry during dinner. In day to day life, I have never realized how dependent we are on technology. If I forget my phone, I will turn around and go home to get it. I have made more of an effort to stop doing that since listening to this broadcast. I always hear the question come up with parents about their children wanting cell phones and if they should be allowed to have them? I dont have to worry about that right now but it does appear that children do not rely on technology as much as we do, however, our actions are trickling down on the younger generation.

I, also, found her comments on email hitting close to home. I know of countless times where I have sent emails and wonder why I have not received a response within the hour. I thought it was just me but apparently it is not the case. I am a small business owner and try to always respond within 2 hours of receiving an email. While it can be difficult, I have had so many client who make positive comments about how quick I respond. At times, I would love to 'file email bankruptcy'. In this day and age, everyone is tied to technology somehow. While there are good things with all this technology, I sometimes wish we could go back 20 years!!!