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During this broadcast, Turkle discusses how we keep memories in the age of technology. She discusses how technology, like cell phones, have become so much a part of our life that they are like an extra limb. I thought about this and agree that I feel a little lost without mine, like something is missing. She mentions how some people use technology even when it would be easier to just use paper, like a calendar. We are sort of brainwashed into the idea that it is always better, but it's not. She wants us to realize that the internet is still in the baby stages and immature. We need to be asking questions about how we can make it work for us as well as making sure it does not take our "Aliveness" away.

As she has researched the impact of technology she has found that kids are seeing their parents have technology everywhere, even at what she calls "Sacred Spaces". These are times/places where the parent should be giving their undivided attention to their kids/family yet are texting, emailing, using their blackberry instead. I have to admit that when I bring my daughter to gymnastics I used to have my phone with me at all times. She has told me that she wants me to watch her and not my phone, which made me really think. If she is only 6 years old and feels like I care more about the phone than her, I am sending the wrong message. Since she told me this, I leave it in the car. She knows that I am there because I want to watch her, and this means so much to her, I can see it in her eyes!

This Aliveness that Turkle talks about is living in the moment, paying attention to the life around us. She used the example of going for a walk and having an ipod or cell phone while doing this. We should be using times like these to see the world around us and enjoy it. I think that if we always carry our cell phone, it takes some of our senses away. For example, would I notice the smell of the flowers if I was busy texting a friend? I don't think I would. I think I would be concentrating so much on the phone that I would miss so many things around me. I personally like hiking and every year my family goes to northern Minnesota to see the world. Cell phones don't work up there, which is why I really like going there with my family. We are just in each others company without distractions, discovering the world together.